Collaboration in Virtual Space (1996-2008)


The Topics

Talk to the author (conversations with artists and writers)

Collaboration with German theaters

Outreach to High Schools and joint College courses


The Tools: Discussion, Working and Display Spaces

The videoconference room



Virtual Museum


The Courses

Germ. 201-202: Intermediate German

Germ. 222: Re-Inventing Story-Telling

Germ. 340: German Conversation and Composition

Germ. 351, 352: Introduction to German Literature

Germ. 479: 20th-Century Literature

Germ. 485: Drama

FSEM 007: Talk to the Author / Looking Back


Technical Support

Participating Studios


Modes of Collaboration / Participation

Various Teaching Strategies


Organizations (Past and Present) / Support

NITLE (National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education)

VGC (Virtual German Collaborative)

CET (Center for Educational Technology at Middlebury College)

CLAC (Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum)

Mellon Foundation

Max Kade Foundation

Institutional and Private Support