Collaboration in Virtual Space

Supporting Organizations


NITLE (National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education)
(info in Wikipedia and Inside Higher Ed and Inside Higher Ed 2018)

VGC (Virtual German Collaborative) supported by NITLE
Its Homepage (once located at CET Middlebury) stated:

It seeks to extend and enrich the resources and expertise available to students of small departments through inter-institutional collaboration. Designed to strengthen the instruction of German language and culture, this project endeavors to use technology to bring individuals and resources together in new ways.

Replaced for New York State by New York 6 Liberal Arts Consortium



CET (Center for Educational Technology at Middlebury College)
Today: Inactive
Replaced by New Tech Center at Middlebury College



CLAC (Consortium Languages Across the Curriculum)
Founded 1996
Today inactive. Original Website:
(Copy of archived statement and endorsements)

Replaced by: CLAC (Consortium Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum)



Mellon Foundation direct support through individual grants as well as through NITLE.


Max Kade Foundation grants to individuals and institutions (including Freiburg University).


Grant programs (such as »Innovation in Teaching« and »Beyond Colgate«) by all participating institutions and private supporters such as Sally and Ed Stilwill.